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Yosemite Valley Charter School


Dear Families,

We are so happy you are here! It is our heart to Inspire Community as you move through this exciting adventure of educating your children. We realize that each family’s educational journey is unique. Regardless of how or where you have chosen to educate your child, it is our hope that you will find relevant resources, school contacts, and local supports of value to you and your family. Most of all we hope you find encouragement.

It is our desire to serve, support and Inspire you on this AMAZING journey! We would like to hear from you to ensure the website continues to be both relevant and valuable. Click here to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with us!

Partnering with you,

Dr. Laurie Goodman
Senior Director - Central California
Principal, Yosemite Valley Charter School & Monarch River Academy

photo of Pam Bezemer