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Yosemite Valley Charter School

Yosemite Valley Charter School

Orders are placed through the Ordering System.

Ordering System

Enrichment, Technology, Curriculum & Lending Library Returns

Items can be returned in-person Tuesday-Friday between 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at 3610 E. Ashlan Avenue, Fresno, CA 93726.

Enrichment Overview

At Yosemite Valley Charter School, we focus on Personalized Learning, a philosophy that truly puts every student first by supporting them in honoring and exploring their unique skills, special gifts, talents, and aspirations. Families and their teachers carefully select educational products, such as curriculum, technology items, supplemental enrichment materials, and field trip opportunities, as well as services, such as enrichment lessons and classes to fit their goals. Orders are approved by teachers and must be secular.

Personalized Learning occurs as a result of mutual respect between the parent who homeschools and a caring, supportive credentialed teacher. Every student is allocated a budget of planning amounts that can be spent on the student’s specific learning needs, under the approval of their teacher. Planning amounts are paid directly to curriculum vendors and service providers.

Planning amounts can be used to navigate an authentic and dynamic personalized learning pathway by paying for computers, high quality curriculum, tutoring, and enrichment activities.

Some samples of products or services may include but are not limited to:



*The Technology Acceptable Use Acknowledgement must be signed in order to receive the technology equipment. All families receive this form through email at the beginning of the year.

Community Partners

To suggest a Vendor becomes a Community Partner with the school, please fill out this Suggestion Form:

Community Partner Suggestion Form

Enrichment FAQ

What are some things I can use my planning amounts for?

  • Art supplies connected to enrichment classes or unit lessons in curriculum
  • Novels, unit lessons, reading improvement programs, writing improvement, enrichment in literature, etc.
  • Course work materials, such as academic textbooks, workbooks, curriculum materials, and learning software via online or CD
  • Academic programs (online curriculum, homeschool curriculum, activities, etc.)
  • Educational games related to math, science, English, STEAM, etc. (puzzles, bingo, vocabulary cards, flashcards, etc.)
  • Activity kits related to core or extracurricular classes
  • Physical Education and sport/athletic items if they are considered non-consumables. Examples include items such as balls, bats, nets, tennis rackets, and jump ropes.
  • Rental equipment bundled with an enrichment service (music lessons, sport leagues, etc.)
  • School technology equipment (i.e. laptop and printer) from school Tech Catalog
  • Educational items

Yosemite Valley Charter School understands that each child is unique. Therefore, if there are special circumstances, such as a 4th grade student who is ready for 6th grade reading materials, please communicate with your Independent Study Teacher, so that the appropriate materials can be purchased. We work hard to accommodate each individual student’s needs.

What are some things I cannot use my planning amounts for?

  • Anything labeled non-educational
  • Any religious based products
  • Any furniture, organizational products, storage, personal laptop case/bags, or household items
  • Personal items such as uniforms, pads, shoes, cups, or mouth guards
  • Any expenses involved in athletic or performing arts competitions including entrance fees or travel fees
  • Large items such as bicycles and backyard trampolines
  • Household products, yard equipment, clothes, and non-educational toys

Who can I contact if I’m having trouble placing an order, logging into my account or need other support?

Your first point of contact for issues with ordering should be your Independent Study Teacher.

What is the definition of consumable?

Consumables are items that the student completely uses up while they are enrolled with our school and therefore cannot be used by another student.

What is the definition of a non-consumable?

Non-consumables are items that can be used again by another student.

What are the non-consumable category groups?

All items in the following categories are considered non-consumable and must be returned as school property when you are done with them or when you withdraw from the school:

  • Technology, Electronics, and Media (CDs/DVDs)
  • Novels, Textbooks and Teacher Manuals
  • Science Equipment
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Musical Equipment
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Games and Puzzles

Can I use all of my planning amounts in one academic semester?

Planning amounts are deposited into students’ accounts twice each school year. Parents/guardians can spend up to the current account balance at any given time.

How will I know when I run out of planning amounts?

You will be able to view your remaining balance when you log into your family’s Ordering System account. Please contact your Independent Study Teacher for assistance.

Can I be reimbursed for any purchases I made through my own money?

No, the school cannot reimburse families for purchases made in the past, present, or future. All products/services need to be requested through the Ordering System and the school will order and pay for materials/services.

Can I keep the products?

All items are purchased through the school with state education funds and are considered property of the school. Non-consumables need to be returned to the school office(s) when the student withdraws from the school. They may be returned earlier if the items are no longer needed for student learning.

How do I return our non-consumable items to the school?

You may hand the items back to your teacher at any meeting or at the end of each semester/school year.

What is the turnaround time for an order placed through the Ordering System?

Order times vary due to the amount of orders being placed daily by families. Wait times can run up to 4 weeks. High peak order times are July-September and December-January. The school leaves ordering open all year.

How do I order student ink?

You can order ink through the Ordering System as a product.

Why isn’t my requested vendor on the approved list yet?

Service vendors are required to submit an application for approval before they become an approved school vendor. Processing and approval is often dependent on how long it takes for a vendor to typically submit their completed application packet.

What if I would like to order products/materials from a vendor that is not on your approved vendor list?

To place an order, vendors must be listed in the Vendor Catalog. When you place your order, if your vendor is not found during the Vendor Catalog search, a red warning will populate on the search screen, and you will be prompted to request the addition of the vendor. Fill out the linked survey and a member of the ordering department will review the request and provide updates via email.

Interested in enrolling now or do you have questions? Let's connect!
Interested in enrolling now or do you have questions? Let's connect!