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Yosemite Valley Charter School

Yosemite Valley Charter School

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Community Partner / Vendor Support

Yosemite Valley offers families a quality, personalized, standards-based education which includes unique hands-on experiential learning facilitated in partnership with service vendors.
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We are happy to partner with vendors in your area! This means your local piano teacher, community dance or art studios, and more can be approved to be paid with annual planning amounts.

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Community Partner Suggestion Form

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Community Partners

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Community Partner/Vendor FAQs For Families

Why is my service vendor not listed anymore?

Service vendors are required to sign a new vendor agreement each year ensuring they are in compliance with school requirements. If your vendor is not currently listed, but they were before, they may need to sign their contract. You can ask your teacher to send an inquiry to the Vendor Relations department to check the status of your vendor.

I would like to add a new vendor to the list, how do I do that?

Your school is accepting applications from vendors who have been suggested by families. Please visit the Community Partner Suggestion form to request that your new vendor be added. Please note that all vendor submissions are subject to school approval.

What is the DLS?

DLS stands for Detailed List of Services. This is the list of services a vendor submits to the school for approval. Approved items are listed in the vendor agreement and families are allowed to request payment with State planning amounts for them. This year, all requests for services must match what is listed on the vendor’s DLS. These are visible within the order request page just under vendor tips.

What if the service I want is not listed on my vendor’s DLS?

Please do not accept services without a certificate. To request additions to the DLS, watch Requesting Services for An Existing Vendor.

What if I qualify for a sibling discount and the price is different from the DLS?

Sibling discounts, or other vendor discounts, can still be honored even if they are not specifically listed on the DLS. Please ensure you have already confirmed your discount with the vendor prior to placing your order and place a note explaining the price difference when you place the request. Notes for your teacher and ordering processor will assist in speedy processing. Discounts must be confirmed by your vendor to be honored.

Can I spend all my planning amounts on the same vendor?

To ensure responsible spending of State planning amounts, your School is requesting expenses are divided between three categories; Curriculum, Core Educational Services, and Enrichment Supplies & Other. Students should strive for a 35%, 35%, 30% split with the majority of expenditures going towards curriculum and core educational services.

I would like to order a product but the vendor is not on the approved list, can I still order?

Yes! Products, which do not contain live in-person or virtual interactive instruction, can be purchased from any vendor with a website. Always check for your vendor in “approved vendors”, but if you cannot find them you may place your order using “other vendor.” Please note that all product requests are subject to teacher and school approval.

I cannot find a vendor; how can I search for a vendor in the ordering system?

  • You can search for vendors by navigating to the storefront icon on the left side of the Ordering System (OS). From there, you can choose what value you want to search by as well as narrow your results by vendor type (product or service). Please note limiting your search terms yields the best results.
  • HERE is a video explaining all the features of the Community Partner list in the OS to include search categories, vendor tips, ratings, and more!

FAQ for Community Partners/Vendors

Do I need to be an approved vendor to partner with the School?

If you provide any form of live, interactive instruction, whether in-person or online, you need to be approved before becoming a community partner. If you sell products and materials that do not contain any component of live interaction you do not need to be approved.

I sell a monthly subscription product/service, do I need to be approved?

Monthly subscription materials and content must not have recurring charges, auto-renew, or store payment information in order for us to purchase without being approved in the system. If you provide subscription services and you do not meet the guidelines above, please contact us to request information about setting up a purchase order agreement.

What are the requirements to become an approved Community Partner?

Service vendors must be suggested by students, guardians, teachers, or staff to obtain an invitation to fill out the application.

Applicants must provide a W9, obtain liability insurance listing the school as additionally insured, complete background checks, and submit a detailed list of services for School approval. Product vendors may require less depending on the product being offered.

What is a DLS?

The DLS is a detailed list of services. It lists each service a vendor wishes to provide to School students and provides details such as the educational description, cost, and duration for the listing. The DLS is reviewed by the school and approval must be obtained before the service can be provided to students.

I am already a vendor, how do I update my DLS?

If you wish to update your DLS please login to your Vendor Portal and use the pencil icon within the Detailed List of Services and Prices section.

Where do I submit my invoicing questions?

Questions about Invoicing can be submitted to the school at Please do not submit service invoices this email address. Service invoices should be submitted through the Vendor Portal.

How do I submit an invoice to the Vendor Invoicing Portal?

Please watch this video tutorial on how to submit an invoice. You may also download these step by step instructions.

How do I sign my vendor agreement in the Vendor Portal?

Please watch this video tutorial on to learn how to sign a vendor agreement within the Vendor Portal. *Please note, all contracts must be electronically signed within the Vendor Portal. Families will not see your listing until your contract is signed.

For all other questions, or to obtain assistance with your vendor portal access, please contact the Vendor Relations Department.

Interested in enrolling now or do you have questions? Let's connect!
Interested in enrolling now or do you have questions? Let's connect!