Concurrent Enrollment

Interested in taking college classes while in high school? Get a jump start on your degree or certificate and fulfill high school graduation requirements!

Use our CVCS Guide to Concurrent Enrollment Programs for links to every step listed below:

1. Pick a college (Go to their webpage for High School Students)

2. Pick a class (Use the CE Guide to see which college classes fulfill high school graduation requirements. Or pick any other academic or CTE class you are interested in. Check the Course Catalog to check the prerequisites and see the course description. Go to the Class Schedule to see if it's offered that semester)

3. Apply online (only 1st time concurrent enrollment students or if you have skipped a semester or more). Wait for your college student ID number to be emailed to you.

4. Fill out a registration packet.

5. Send it to your teacher for processing and your counselor's signature.

6. Wait for the registration packet and transcript from your counselor.

7. Email both the registration packet and transcript directly to the college's concurrent enrollment program for enrollment!