Science and Social Studies Updates

Students in grades TK-6 will continue to be able to study standards outside of their grade level standards in the area of Science and Social Studies.  However, to serve our students well we will be slightly changing the requirements to ensure all our students are meeting grade level expectations.  Our goal is to partner with you to provide students with an educational plan that ensures they are working on grade-level standards within these subject areas while also allowing students the flexibility and autonomy to study a variety of educational topics that they are interested in learning.  

Beginning for the 24/25 school year we use grade-level outlines for any student who is not using a complete curriculum for Science and Social Studies.  This will primarily apply to students who choose to complete science and social studies using the expedition pathway and/or are participating in co-ops or completing unit studies.  Students will be able to pick a new topic to study each LP and then select from a menu of learning activities to complete to demonstrate depth of knowledge on the topic.  These learning activities will represent the body of work that is to be reviewed by your teacher each Learning Period.  These grade-level course outlines will ensure students are engaging in robust, grade-level appropriate learning while also providing them with an avenue to explore and study areas of interest.  We believe that by maintaining a high standard of academic excellence for our students and allowing them the ability to pursue areas that interest them they will have meaningful learning experiences that will increase student achievement and grow them into independent learners.