NCAA Eligibility

When you visit the NCAA website you will find invaluable information about the eligibility process. While the school guides, the responsibility is up to the student-athlete to work with the NCAA to meet eligibility requirements.

Eligibility consists of three parts listed below.:

Core Courses

Students must complete 16 core courses.


D-I requires a minimum 2.3 GPA
D-II requires a minimum 2.2 GPA


Official test scores from the SAT or ACT.

Ready to Pursue Eligibility?

Complete the following steps:

1. NCAA Student Survey

Teachers should complete this on behalf of the family to notify the school of the students NCAA interests.

2. Review the NCAA Guide

This guide will inform families about the steps for NCAA eligibility and the rules/processes involved. 

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3. Use the NCAA IGP

Follow the recommended NCAA IGP to assure all core course requirements are met.

4. Choose the Right Curriculum

Curriculums include: unmodified HSVA Edgenuity, HSVA Live!, and Silicon Valley High School. 

5. Create an NCAA Account

Creating a student NCAA account is imperative to monitoring eligibility.

6. Review Plan Yearly

It is important to review the students IGP with the Independent Study Teacher and NCAA Secondary Education Specialist yearly.